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China Inks Military Deal With Iran Under Secretive 25-Year Plan

By Simon Watkins (Oil Price) Last August, Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Zarif, paid a visit to his China counterpart, Wang Li, to present a roadmap on a comprehensive 25-year China-Iran strategic partnership that built upon a previous agreement signed in 2016. Many of the key specifics of the updated agreement

Iran’s Human Rights Violations Denounced by U.K. Minority Rights Group

By Natasha Phillips (Kayhan Life) Iran’s policy of prioritizing its national security goals has led it to commit human rights violations, according to a new report published by Minority Rights Group International, a U.K.-based nongovernmental organization that fights for disadvantaged minorities around the world. The report, entitled “In the Name

Families of Flight PS752 victims outraged that UN agency hasn’t condemned the attack

Levon Sevunts (Radio Canada International) The families of those killed on Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 are expressing frustration over the UN aviation agency’s apparent inability to condemn the destruction of the passenger jet by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Fifty-five Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents of Canada were among the

Europe Must Join the Fight Against the Iranian Regime

Daniel Schwammenthal* (Newsweek) Ayatollah Khamenei has underscored once more why the U.N. arms embargo against Iran must not be allowed to expire in October. His sinister tweets last month about a “final solution” for the “cancerous tumor,” i.e. the “Zionist regime,” rightly led to widespread condemnation—including from the U.S. and

Top Iranian judge in Europe for treatment faces arrest

Richard Spencer (The Times) Iranian exiles are seeking to have one of the country’s most notorious judges arrested after he arrived unexpectedly in Germany to seek medical treatment. Gholamreza Mansouri was a prosecutor based at Evin Prison, Tehran, where many of the regime’s political prisoners are held, and later became

Why are US taxpayers funding a ‘Voice of the Mullahs’ in Iran?

Brian Hook* (New York Post) As the US special representative for Iran, I receive complaints regularly about Voice of America’s Persian service. Iranian viewers say its American taxpayer-funded programming often sounds more like the “Voice of the mullahs” than the “Voice of America.” VOA Persian needs to do a better

Iran’s death grip on Syria begins to loosen

By Struan Stevenson (UPI) The Iranian regime has begun to withdraw its forces from Syria. This was the news from James Jeffrey, former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq and current special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter Daesh. Jeffrey was addressing an online meeting of the Washington-based think tank,

Iran’s supreme leader releases anti-Israel poster evoking Nazi ‘Final Solution’

A poster from Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s website calling for Israel’s destruction that uses the term “final solution,” which usually refers to the Nazi policy of genocide against Jews during the Holocaust. (via US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday accused

The Twilight of the Iranian Revolution

By Dexter Filkins (The New Yorker) One night last December, the chief resident physician at a hospital in the Iranian city of Gorgan was asked to consult on a baffling case: a patient was racked with a mysterious virus, which was advancing rapidly through his body. The doctor, who asked

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