Interview with Kamal Azari

Kamal Azari is a Board Member and the US spokesperson of the Iran Transition Council



Interview with Kaveh Moussavi

Kaveh Moussavi is ITC Senior Adviser on Judicial Affairs. He is International arbitrator at International Court of Arbitration. He is Associated Research Fellow at Oxford University. He is based in Oxford (UK).


Shaparak Shajarizadeh speech at UN Human Rights Council

Member of women’s committee of Iran Transition Council, Shaparak Shajarizadeh spoke at UN Human Rights Council regarding violation of women’s and human right by Islamic Republic of Iran. She spoke of her own prison experience and also brought attention to the fate of her lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh and also Atena Daemi and many other Iranian women who are imprisoned for simply expressing their right to free speech in accordance with UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights


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