Why Iran Is Turning East

Emil Avdaliani (Modern Diplomacy) Beijing and Tehran are preparing a whopping 25-year economic and security deal according to which China would invest up to $400 billion in Iran. We need not go into details on the proposed agreement as it has already been discussed at length, but it is worthwhile

The End of Western Opportunism

By Joschka Fischer* (Projekt Syndicate) The confrontation between China and the West is escalating almost daily. The conflict is about technology, trade, global market share, and supply chains, but also about fundamental values. Underpinning this economic and ideological competition is the goal of global predominance in the twenty-first century. But

Iran Plays the Race Card

by A.J. Caschetta (Newsweek) Iranian “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spent a good portion of the summer propagandizing about racial injustice in the U.S., as part of a decades-old effort to divert attention from Iran’s problems and from his own cruel and incompetent government. The day after video of George

Iranian women are staging an offensive against sexual abuse. It’s long overdue

Opinion by Masih Alinejad* and Roya Hakakian** For the past 42 years, Iran’s clerical leadership has defended the regime’s harsh Islamic dress code by claiming that mandatory wearing of the hijab is women’s best defense against men’s sexual advances. Yet over the past few weeks, Iranian women have offered up a devastating rebuttal of that

Cracks in the Iranian Regime’s Armor

By Kamal Azari* (Townhall) An analysis of the November 2019 Iranian revolt reveals vital truths about the Islamic Republic’s inability to suppress popular demand for regime change. The government anticipated the uprising would come if it raised gas prices, and it was correct. It announced the 300% hike abruptly in

Iran Is Increasingly Isolated, Losing Influence In the Middle East

Ahmad Rafat (Kayhan Life) The so-called “Axis of Resistance” — a political alliance between the Islamic Republic of Iran, the government of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and the Lebanese Hezbollah — has suffered several humiliating defeats in recent months. The Islamic Republic is increasingly finding itself isolated and losing influence

Iran’s Deepening Isolation On The World Stage

Ahmad Rafat (Kayhan Life) Iran is busy with its diplomatic maneuverings in the Middle East and beyond, but it has yielded little. As Iran’s oil minister, Bijan Namdar-Zanganeh, put it: “No country is willing to sign a deal with Iran anymore.” The country’s most recent overtures were to Moscow, where

Who is Behind the Suspicious Fires and Explosions in Iran?

By Ahmad Rafat (Kayhan Life) Several suspicious fires and explosions have occurred at Iranian nuclear facilities, power plants, and weapons depots in recent weeks. The latest explosion was at the Isfahan Power Plant on July 19. There were reports of an explosion near the Parchin Military Complex, 30 kilometers southeast

Iran and China on the Verge of Signing 25-Year Deal

Ahmad Rafat (Kayhan Life) After years of talks, Iran and China are reportedly getting ready to sign a wide-reaching 25-year contract. There has been no official announcement regarding the agreement. It is also unclear whether the deal has yet been signed. According to an 18-page leaked Iranian Foreign Ministry document,

Iran Is Repeating Its Past Errors with the IAEA

Omer Carmi (The Wahington Institute) One of the major weaknesses of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran is its various “sunset” clauses, including the provision that limits the international arms embargo to five years—an expiration date that arrives this October. Over the past few months, Washington has

The Horror of Femicide in Iran

MARJAN GREENBLATT (Newsweek) Last month, while 13-year-old Romina Ashrafi was asleep, her father entered her room and decapitated her with a sickle. He then wrapped her long hair, like a rope around the sickle, to mount his child’s severed head, before venturing out to the neighborhood to declare that he

Europe Must Join the Fight Against the Iranian Regime

Daniel Schwammenthal* (Newsweek) Ayatollah Khamenei has underscored once more why the U.N. arms embargo against Iran must not be allowed to expire in October. His sinister tweets last month about a “final solution” for the “cancerous tumor,” i.e. the “Zionist regime,” rightly led to widespread condemnation—including from the U.S. and

Is Iran’s nuclear case again a matter for the Security Council?

By Mehran Barati* The Director General of the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog on Monday June 15 called on Iranian officials to allow prompt access to “two sites” where “past nuclear activity” may have occurred. While the IAEA did not publicly name the “two sites”, we already know that during 2002

The Creeping Coup of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps

  By Mohammad Farsi By electing Gen. Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the speaker of parliament, it seems a softly and creeping coup is being made by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Currently, up to 80 percent of seats in the Parliament are held by the members of Revolutionary Guard and

A Quiet, Restrained Revolution is Brewing in Iran

by Kamal Azari* (The National Interest) s America watched, George Floyd died. He gasped for air, called for his mother, and died. That same week, the coronavirus death toll passed 100,000, and the unemployment rate soared to new heights. But Floyd’s murder was the tipping point. There was anger, there

Will COVID-19 inhibit Iran’s ability to suppress protests?

Saeid  Golkar & Kasra Aarabi (Middle East Institute)   Since 2017, during the second term of Hassan Rouhani’s presidency, Iran has seen several waves of protests rooted in political, social, and, most importantly, economic grievances. The latter have been reflected in the demographics of dissent. In the past three years,

How to Confront Iran

Scott Modell* (Newsweek) When his first term in office comes to an end just six months from now, President Trump will have spent more time on Iran than on any other foreign policy issue besides China. But where has it gotten us? The Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign has wreaked

Iran: in or out in Syria

Gerta Zaimi (Institute for Global Threats and Democracies Studies) The latest Israeli attacks on Syria on May 4 targeted the Mayadin area in the governorate of Deir el Zor where there is a greater movement by pro-Iranian militias and Pasdarans. The day after the Israeli State defense sources said Tehran

Syria Is a Quagmire That Will Soon Engulf Iran

Ahmad Rafat (Kayhan Life) Russia is determined to end the Syrian Civil War five years after deploying its military to the country to support President Bashar al-Assad’s government. Before withdrawing its troops from Syria and starting the country’s political and economic reconstruction, Kremlin must first drive out the Islamic Revolutionary

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